A 'Healthy Conversation' is a brief opportunistic discussion, which can help another personal with a wellbeing issue that is important to them.

The following applies to all Healthy Conversations: 

  • Keep the chat positive and supportive 
  • Keep your body language open and non-confrontational
  • Take into account cultural differences in communication styles e.g. how much eye contact is appropriate
  • Give the person your full focus 
  • Listen to their words, tone of voice and body language 
  • Respect the persons's feelings, experiences and values 
  • Do not judge or criticise because of your own beliefs
  • Be genuine, show that you accept the person and their values by what you say and do
  • Remember your healthy conversation only about providing a brief opportunity to assist someone to make their own decision to make a positive change.
  • Behaviour change is about a two way dialogue that needs to focus on what an individual wants to get out of it!

Behaviour Change Model

There are 3 key ingredients necessary for successful behaviour change: the person needs to feel CAPABLE of changing; need to have the OPPORTUNITY to change, and finally needs to have the MOTIVATION to do so.  This model will be referred to in your training as the COM-B model of behaviour change.

 Michie et all (2011) Implementation Science


When you have had a MECC conversation, please let your community of practice know through Twitter #meccithappen and #mecclink. Thank you for your support!