Increasing physical activity has the potential to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and the nation as a whole.

Persuading inactive people (those doing less than 30 minutes per week) to become more active could prevent one in ten cases of stroke and heart disease in the UK and one in six deaths from any cause. In fact it’s often said that if physical activity was a drug it would be classed as a wonder drug.

Regular physical activity can help to prevent and manage over 20 chronic conditions and diseases, many of which are on the rise and affecting people at an earlier age; 1 in 3 of the working age population have at least 1 long term condition and 1 in 7 have more than one.

What physical activities do you currently enjoy doing?

  • Physical activity doesn't have to cost anything, activities like gardening, walking, dancing, cycling and playing with your kids all count as physical activity
  • Did you know that 'Physical Activity' is defined is body movement that expends energy and raises the heart rate

Did you know that being active for just 10 minutes per day can boost your energy, clear your head and lift your mood?

  • Just 10 minutes if brisk walking will raise your heart rate and can go some way towards lowering your risk of serious illnesses, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Evidence has demonstrated the following health benefits from a brisk 10 minute walk everyday:
    • Increased physical fitness 
    • Greater ease of performance of everyday physical activities 
    • Improved mood 
    • Improved quality of life 
    • Increased physical leanness and healthier weight.

Can you think of any benefits that this would have on your health and lifestyle?

Can you think of any opportunities that you may have to incorporate an active 10 minutes into your day? 

  • Suggestions include
    • Gardening 
    • Dancing
    • Brisk walk to the bus stop...maybe a stop that is slightly further away
    • Lunch time walk
    • A car park or parking space that is further away

Going back to the activities you enjoy doing either now or in the past, did you know?

  • It is recommended that adults do 150 minutes of physical activity per week, but this can be broken down into short 10 minutes sessions
  • Some people find it helpful to write down a weekly plan to help you see when it may be easier to fit in some physical activity.  It may be easier to fit in some physical activity 
  • If you are goal driven then think of something realistic and achievable that you could work toward, this could be starting on the couch to 5k program or undertaking a part run or walk with friend or family. 
  • If you spend a long time in a job that involves standing or sitting during the day, you may feel tired but have you had the physical activity you need? Your brain may tell you that it wants to relax from that stressful day...but you can reward you brain and your physical health by undertaking that activity event you promised you would do.
  • Remember small changes can make a big difference, its never too late to start moving more! 

 Self Care

  • If you don't do anything, do something. if exercise didn’t involve a whole lot of self-motivation and actual physical activity, but instead came in a pill, it would be hailed immediately as “a wonder drug” such are the health benefits involved. 
  • Public Health England's One You campaign supports adults by encouraging physical activity at a local level. A range of personalised tools are available via the How Are You online quiz, which has been completed by over 1 million people since it launched in March 2016.  
  • The 'One You' Couch to 5k phone app has been designed to help get people off the couch and running in just 9 weeks.
  • The 'One You' Active 10 phone app show you how how much brisk walking you do and helps to show you how you can fit a ten minute brisk walk into your day. It breaks this brisk walking down into manageable chunks of ten minutes and encourages at least one session every day (which equates to 70 minutes a week). Users can set their own goals and the app encourages people to progress up to 30 brisk minutes of walking per day, to meet the 150 minutes recommended by the Chief Medical Officer

Sport & Active Recreation - Barnsley Council

We provide help for individuals, local clubs and organisations in Barnsley by offering a signposting service for funding, inclusive clubs, and training courses. We want to get more people involved in sport and active recreation and close the gap in health inequalities.


What’s on offer:

Walk Well Barnsley -  Free guide led health walks suitable for all, particularly those with long term health conditions.

Tel: Hannah Burton- walk Coordinator on 07917650091 / 01226 730433




Barnsley Leisure Card -  Barnsley Leisure Card allows eligible groups of Barnsley residents to get money off sport and leisure activities in Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and Wakefield.

For more info and eligibility criteria follow:


Barnsley Premier Leisure - BPL is a not-for-profit social enterprise and charitable company delivering affordable, value for money health, sport and leisure facilities and activities across Barnsley.

Tel: 01226 730060



Be Well Barnsley –Support for all ages to lead healthier and happier lives. We will work with you to set goals and motivate you along the way and can spend time talking through the challenges your facing, providing information you can trust.

Tel: 0800 0169 133


BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People)

Contact Tel:

01274 435388


Other Info:

BEEP (Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People) Referral Programme is a physical activity intervention aimed at people aged 16 and above, that meet the referral criteria, to encourage and support individuals to become more active, more often. 

Referral is through your local GP practice, and if you meet the referral criteria, then identified health professionals can complete the referral form and give it to you. 

The Health Improvement Team, Public Health, Bradford Council can signpost you to appropriate services in relation to physical activity:

Tel: 01274 435387

Calderdale MBC – Better Living Team

Contact Tel:

(01422) 230230



Other Info:

12 week group exercise referral programme for people with qualifying health conditions.

Get Moving Doncaster

Doncaster Council's links and resource pages for Physical activity

Move More Doncaster

Aimed at/suitable for
People looking to increase their physical activity opportunities- whatever their ability.

What’s on Offer
A tailored programme of physical activity, free for 12 weeks, at a time and place to suit you. There's something for everyone, from a leisurely stroll, or a fast paced salsa dance, to geocaching, an activity the whole family can enjoy? An opportunity to meet new friends and try something different.

Available for
All Doncaster residents over the age of 50

Online Referral


0800 0169 187

Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust

Aimed at/suitable for
Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust is a registered charity delivering premier leisure provision venues across Doncaster. We offer a diverse range of health, fitness, leisure and entertainment activities to our customers with the goal of helping to achieve a healthier community across Doncaster.



01302 370777

Fit Rovers

 An 8 week health and wellbeing course for men over the age of 30 to help make a positive change to their lifestyle


01302 764663 for further information

Your Life Doncaster


This website provides resources for you to look after yourself within your own community; focusing on you keeping well, safe and connected.

East Riding Health Trainer Service

Healthtrainers provide personal support and motivation to adults across the East Riding of Yorkshire who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle.e all have issues in our lives which may affect our health in some way. You may want to get fitter, control your weight, have a healthier diet or quit smoking. You may want to reduce your stress levels or just feel better about yourself.

If you want to become healthier but don’t know where to start, a healthtrainer will be able to help you work out exactly what you want and how to go about it.

Healthtrainers are friendly, understanding and supportive. They will help and encourage you to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Tel: 0800 9177752



East Riding Leisure

There are 10 centres across East Yorkshire, all details can be found via the website link below.

  • Swimming, classes and gym are available
  • Passport to Leisure gives 50% discount for people under the care of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, are a fostering family or a carer of a child with SEN. It is also for carers who have been assessed by the carer support service
  • The Sure Saver card is for those who are in receipt of benefits including job seekers, Housing Benefit, Council tax, employment and support allowance, income support and universal credit. This provides 1/3 off activities at the leisure centres.
  • The exercise referral scheme can be accessed through you Doctor's Surgery.  This is for anyone who has any medical condition with any BMI or anyone with a BMI over 25. This is a reduced cost 10 week programme gives regular access to a fitness instructor and is also open to Unpaid Carers and those being cared for.

Tel: 01482 395230



Walking for Health 

What is Walking for Health? The scheme is a series of free guided walks for all ages and abilities, aimed at anyone who has an interest in walking or wants to slowly introduce exercise into their daily routine as part of rehabilitation from illness, injury or to increase their fitness level. 

The East Riding of Yorkshire Walking for Health scheme offers a range of walks starting from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The most important thing is that you start where you are at and gradually build up to the longer walks. 

For further information and a brochure containing the details of all of the East Riding's walks please contact the Healthy Lifestyle Development Officer on 01482 392527 or email 

Alternatively visit the Walking for Health website and use the walk finder section to search for a walk local to you. 




The Exercise Referral Programme - (GP Referral only)

The exercise referral programme is for people with medical conditions who would benefit from exercise, it is a 10 week programme aimed to support lifestyle changes. You will be advised on exercise and nutrition based on your medical condition.

The aim is for you to enjoy the course whilst, at the same time, improving your health and general wellbeing. 

For more information on the exercise referral programme contact healthy lifestyle officer, details below:

Tel: 01482 395223


Hull Culture and Leisure

Active Humber has information about hundreds of sporting activities, sports clubs and the voluntary and community sector on offer across Hull and the Humber region

Tel: 01482 300 300



Connect Well Hull

Connect Well Hull offers advice and will help you to access support and guidance on a range of issues, including:

  • Helping you with physical conditions or emotional difficulties
  • Helping you to feel more linked in with your community
  • Helping you on issues such as money, benefits or housing
  • Helping you to get active and feel better

Tel: 01482 217670


or email:

Practice Activity and Leisure Scheme (PALS)

PALS is a Kirklees exercise referral scheme which offers support and encouragement to inactive people who want to make a difference to their health and quality of life by becoming more active.

Participants take part in group or individual activity programmes for 45 weeks. They can also incorporate activity into their daily living.

Referral onto PALS must be by a GP, practice nurse or other health care professionals.

Tel: 01484 234095



Kirklees Health Trainers

This free service supports you to identify a plan for change and motivate you to make it happen

Tel: 01484 414774



Touchstone - Better in Kirklees (Self-Referral of via GP)

Better in Kirklees supports people living with a long-term health condition to become more active and involved in their community. Through Social Prescribing, we connect people to groups and activities close to where they live based on their interests.  The service is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Tel: 01924 846 808


One You Leeds

Contact Tel:

0800 169 4219


Other Info:

One You Leeds supports adults to achieve lifestyle behaviour change to improve health. It particularly focuses on smoking cessation, weight management, cooking skills, healthy eating and physical activity. A range of options are available, including support for self-help, face-to-face healthy living interventions in a range of community venues and one-to-one personal support.

The Wellbeing Service (North East Lincolnshire Council)

Contact Tel:

01472 325500



Other Info:

For information on the exciting ways to support you, your friends and family to ‘eat well’ and ‘move more’

Walking the Way to Health:

Tel: 01724 297631 or 07717 58638 




These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part.  People are just as welcome to come to parkrun if they want to walk the whole way round. Indeed, one of the best things about parkrun and juniorparkrun events is that you can run, or jog or walk at entirely your own pace.  Parkrun are FREE events and they take place every Saturday at 9am in Central Park and Normanby Hall Country Park.



Free Breeze

Women Only Led Bike Rides and Ride Social - Free social bike rides for men and women. 
Log onto British Cycling's Lets Ride website and search for your nearest free bike ride.



Exercise referral through GP / health professional or contact your local leisure centre for more information


Leisure centres

'Do Something Different' Sport, leisure and cultural sessions specifically for adults with a disability aged 16 plus

Tel: 01724 297270

'Active Ageing' 

A programme that offers a 'gentler' less strenuous approach to exercise

Tel: 01724 297270


North Lincolnshire Healthy Lifestyle Service

A team of friendly and knowledgeable Healthy Lifestyle Facilitators will support groups of people wanting to focus on the following:

  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight 
  • Stopping smoking 
  • Reducing alcohol use 
  • Being more physically active 
  • Increasing wellbeing, including mental and emotional health 
  • Training around health and wellbeing for those people who are interested in becoming trained as health champions
  • Signposting to wider local supporting services

Tel: 01724 298212



Age UK Lindsey

Activities for older people including Games Groups and Men in Sheds in Lifestyle Centre, 34a Crosby Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 6SF

Tel: 01724 849819


Leisure centres in Rotherham



Physical Activity Referral services

Active for Health

Condition specific exercise programme delivered by Level 4 exercise specialists. Community based, group sessions focused at aiding recovery and condition management. (Cancer, Cardiac/Heart Failure, COPD, Stroke, MSK - Lower Back Pain , Falls - Have fallen or are at risk of falling)


Fit for Health exercise referral

Prescribed exercise programme with a level 3 exercise referral instructor tailored to provide health benefits for the conditions detailed. 12 week programme can include gym programme, swimming and low impact group classes.
Contact the Healthy Living team, Places for People

Tel: 01709 722567


Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Provides healthy eating and lifestyle support, help to lose weight and bespoke physical exercise programmes over nine months (includes 13 one or two hour education and exercise sessions and 16 hours face to face or 1:1 support.


Move More 

Move More is a Sheffield-wide strategy that is being delivered by partners across the city, with the aim to create a culture of physical activity to improve the population's health.  Visit the More More website for further information the range services on offer which include:

  • Easy to use search function of activities in your area
  • Links to download the 'More More' app
  • An online activity tracker
  • Information on the Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme (SPARS)



The Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme (SPARS) - (GP Referral only)

SPARS is for people with health conditions who want to Move More.  Receive 1:1 support tailored to you and your health needs or condition. For more information speak to your GP or contact a centre listed on the website below.



Sheffield Health Trainers

Burngreave/Firvale: (0114) 213 2591.
Sharrow/Broomhall (0114) 250 0222
Darnall/Tinsley (0114) 249 6315
Manor/Castle/Arbourhorne/Norfolk Park/Wybourne/Woodthorpe (0114) 252 1082
Upperthorpe/Netherthorpe/Langsett (0114) 270 2040
Winn Gardens (0114) 270 2040
Firth Park/Brushes/Stubbin (0114) 244 0401
North Sheffield: Parson Cross/Southey (0114) 213 4074
Gleadless Area (0114) 239 4466
Woodhouse/Westfield/Hackenthorpe (0114) 269 0222
High Green (0114) 213 3407
City Centre (0114) 250 0222


Website: community health trainers programme

Other Info: Free, confidential 1-2-1 support for a healthy lifestyle, cope with chronic pain and living with a long term health condition. Help to get more active, eat healthy, lose weight and reduce drinking alcohol. Over 6-7 weeks you’ll develop a Personal Health Plan to help you achieve your new health goals.

Community Resources: Sheffield Directory - Keep Fit and Healthy.

Community Resources: Sheffield Directory - Sport.

Community Resources: Sheffield Directory - Leisure.

Health Improvement Team - Wakefield Council


Active Wakefield information:

Get Active Exercise referral:

Leisure centres and swimming:

Disability sport and fitness:

Parks and Countryside:

Sports and Health Improvement Team

Wakefield One
Burton Street


Tel: 01924 307 348


Contact Tel:

01904 553377



Other Info:

YorWellbeing provides an integrated Health and Wellbeing Service for residents of York City Council